Security Solutions


Syntegricom's qualified staff and IT integration capabilities are ready to provide the solution

The increasing demand for technology products in the management of security challenges, has led to the convergence of typical hardware based electronic security solutions, IT and communications technologies in order to deliver to these evolving management requirements. The resulting IT network communication infrastructures and TCP/IP based protocols, enable the delivery of projects, with sensible cost to benefit ratios.
This includes having management information available in real time in order to achieve prevention rather than only detection of undesired events.
Our qualified staff and inherent capabilities in hardware, IT, communications and software integration enables us to cater for the holistic approach to these challenges and to provide single sign-on management solutions in a combined central database to suit the most challenging management requirements in electronic security integration.
As registered and qualified providers of standalone off-the-shelf solutions with the leading suppliers of security technologies, we also deliver fully integrated solutions at database, software and hardware level, resulting in no project requirement being out of our scope of capability.


Video surveillance and monitoring is an integral part of the risk management process, and may involve tracking the movement of people, animals or vehicles, early warning and tracking of assets under threat, or enhancing general productivity. Combining these functions with related technologies are rapidly becoming a way of extending management reach beyond conventional controls and systems especially with the increase in picture quality and IP cameras.
Our VELOXO integration engine has been successfully integrated to all functionalities on mainline CCTV IP cameras and thermal camera solutions. These include Bosch, Axis, Ganz, Hikvision and FLIR. We are also able to combine any CCTV event logging such as date and time stamped snapshots , retrieve motion detection or forced video footage, or execute any control of functionality and video analytics on the DVR equipment via this integration engine.
It is then very simple to link these for triggering, reporting and analysis with external solutions such as access control, whether triggered by internal or external events, management rules or process flows, in a single platform solution without having to analyse multiple applications.

Electric Fence

As agnostic integrators all our staff are fully trained and certified COC inspectors, which also translates into unquestionable installation standards. We are leaders in integration in the electrified fence industry in that we write software tools for the management of integrated applications that are even used and endorsed by manufacturers such as Stafix on the JVA energisers themselves.

This functionality includes real-time management and monitoring of;

Multiple sites, by multiple operators
Visual map overlay views
Remote zone alarm monitoring
Remote zone voltage monitoring
Remote high/low voltage control
Remote on/off control of zones or entire fences
Using optic fibre and other communications links, the load and efficiency of large scale electric fence perimeter installations are optimized using TCP/IP communication to achieve these real-time parameters, and make excellent tools for installers in the trade who offer remote monitoring services. These functions are again fully integrated using our VELOXO integration platform.

Access Control

Learn more about our enormous offering in Access Control solutions.