Our philosophy of a properly designed access control system is based on the establishment and maintenance of three important factors;

Effective, efficient physical perimeter protection that cannot be penetrated. If so, then where? And by whom/what? What is their destination or intention? (Restrict undesired access) Effective efficient access control management to specific areas through designated points (Control desired access) Determine and manage the degree of control or leniency afforded to those with desired access. (Permanent or temporary access using different technologies) With our VELOXO integration engine, these typical security technologies are combined in a single platform to enable a converged access management solution, completely agnostic of the technologies or product manufacturer. Contact us

1. Perimeter protection

A solid and impenetrable perimeter includes a combination of physical and electronic barriers, serving the objectives of deterrents and early detection agents. We aim to establish infrastructures that are aimed at prevention and early detection of undesired events.

Taut wire detection

Taut wire perimeter fence detection is the one of highest security technology solutions for protecting sensitive sites such as Military bases, Airports, Manufacturing and Petrochemical sites against intruders. Highly specialised and expensive equipment sets this technology apart from normal electrified fencing.

Electric fencing

Our technical staff are all fully qualified COC inspectors and installers, and as such, our installations are of the highest standard. We have many large installations at housing estates and other environments, where our integrated on-line solutions can remotely control and monitor such factors as;

  • Fence alarms and breaches
  • Zone conditions and zone voltage levels
  • Adjust high or low voltages, and turn zones or fences on and off for maintenance
  • Respond timeously to alarms or breaches
  • Thermal cameras
  • CCTV

    The advancement of IP in the communication industry, and HD resolution in the video industry, has made the use of this technology and megapixel imaging much more affordable and popular. In line with our IP based approach to all integrated projects, this allows for the visual verification and monitoring in numerous applications. We have successfully integrated our software with world class leading brands such as Bosch, Hikvision, Axis, GANZ, and more. With our remote monitoring abilities we are able to combine various other technologies to enhance the management of access and perimeter protection, as well as operational environments.

    2. Controlled Access

    Numerous technologies can be combined or used in isolation in order to effectively manage access to general or specific areas, specific people, vehicles or conditions. As with our Parking Management solutions, these technologies may include;
    • Boomgates and turnstiles
    • Card-based access control systems
    • Biometric fingerprint verification readers
    • LPR (license plate recognition)
    • Long-range and active RFID tag readers
    • GSM and intercommunication for access point clearance verification
    • Barcode scanning of driver’s license and vehicle license
    • CCTV image and footage linked to access events or retrieval for audit

    3. Manage flexibility

    Our rule-based VELOXO integration tool comprises a fully-fledged access control system, agnostic of any hardware suppliers, and can work as a standalone system, or be integrated into any other systems, whether access control or any other management tools. With the IP communications layer being the common platform upon which integration and information sharing and can be achieved, the interlinked technologies combined by all system technologies deployed allows for management of flexibility in leniency of access that is required for the many rules in complex environments. Simple configuration of new management rules is enhanced by way of drag-and-drop type integration and business or rule-based functions or features such as;
    • Time-based access to specific areas or access points
    • Time and attendance
    • Visitor pre-registration
    • Resident / tenant communication for visitor clearance confirmation
    • Blacklisting
    • Party or group clearance
    • Full solution configuration is achieved at hardware, software and database level integration, making integration of solutions such as our parking management, estate access management
    • and others so simply achievable. This allows us to integrate to a broad range of solutions, regardless of industry or environment, and with industry leading brands such as;
    • IMPRO
    • SAGEM
    • ZK
    • Mircom / Comb G2
    • Parking solutions